NCP – Nationalist Congress Party

Pune is the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra. A home to Eminent Writers, Artists, Social Reformers, having historical legacy and famous as Oxford of the East. Today Pune is entering into a new era. Globally being recognized as a progressive city. The city is transforming into a centre for IT, Automobile Hub, City of Gardens, New Industries and having ample employment opportunities. The city is also known for its modern facilities in the field of arts and sports.

NCP is committed to accelerate the pace of development and progress. Citizens of Pune have kept faith in us and elected maximum number of Corporators in 2012 PMC elections. As per our commitment, in the last 2½ years we have solved many problems related to the city. Many major projects we have started rolling. Our air is to develop Pune as one of the best cities in the world. Pune city is developing fast, growing population and the speed at which the urbanisation is a taking place the whole infrastructure is under pressure. We have to defeat all these problems and come out to make Pune an ideal city.